St. John’s International School

St. John’s International School

St. John’s is a wonderfully unique educational institution which
combines the values of companionship, integrity and respect with the
rigours of a 21st century international education. It educates children
from the age of 2 ½ to 18 and offers a dual language English-French
program from Pre-Kindergarten until grade 5. St. John’s offers the full
IB programme; Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme
(MYP) and the possibility for all students to attain the International
Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) with excellent outcomes. The
American High School Diploma and Advanced Placement Examinations are
also available.

We celebrate diversity and have more than 55 nationalities and 39
languages represented at the school. We seek to inspire, challenge and
prepare students within the framework of a nurturing, caring ‘family’
environment. The school is accredited by the Middle States Association
and the European Council of International Schools.

St. John’s opened its new boarding house in August 2018. It offers full
and weekly boarding and has a capacity of 30 beds with shared bathrooms
for 2 or 4 students. The residence has gender divided areas and the
house parents are based in the same building. It includes a social area
with living room and entertainment and is a safe, guarded building
located on campus. This e-mail and its attachments are confidential and
are intended solely for the individual to whom they are addressed.
Please do not copy or forward the email and its attachments to any-one
else without prior approval of the author.  Any views or opinions
expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily
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Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

St. John’s International School

Drève Richelle 146
1410 Waterloo

Application Fee: €1,000
Campus Development Fee: €500
 Timbertots  €11.580,00
 Pre-Kindergarten  €15.995,00
 Kindergarten  €21.500,00
 Grades 1-2 (Primary School)  €30.075,00
 Grades 3-5 (Primary School)  €30.640,00
 Grade 6 (Middle School)  €32.650,00
 Grades 7-8 (Middle School)  €34.610,00
 Grade 9 (High School)  €35.200,00
 Grades 10-12 (High School)  €36.615,00
Bus service: €2,860/year

St. John’s International School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Council of International Schools. The school offers the full IB programme; PYP, MYP and the possibility for all students to attain the IBDP with excellent outcomes. The American High School Diploma and Advanced Placement Examinations are also available.

The “state-of-the-art” campus is built on a 12-acre site – the main building houses the three major parts of the school, the arts building, the arena, and the Performing Arts Center all separate. The high school offers baseball, basketball, softball, tennis, cross-country, track & field, soccer, and volleyball. The middle school offers boys & girls basketball, boys & girls soccer, girls volleyball, track & field, and cross-country.Golf has been added to the possibilities as well. St. John’s also offers competitive swimming for boys and girls aged eight and up.

Drève Richelle 146
1410 Waterloo, Belgium
Telephone: 0032 2 352 0610



User comment & rating


I heard so many good things about the school, but once my children were in, we had a totally different experience. Most teachers in Middle School are very self-centered, there is no alignment in the curriculum, the teachers do not care about the students - they do not trust them, do not respect them. There are no extra-curricular activities beside choir, instrument, and sports. I would not recommend St. John's for children in their Middle School Years (11-14). I heard that the new principal will bring positive change, but that will not happen overnight. Probably need another 3 years to see the difference.

Posted on 4 septembre 2014 12 h 05 min
Mom with happy kids

My experience with St. John's in general but also the Middle School has been very positive. It is a very caring school with very experiemced, dedidated teachers and kids are very much encouraged and helped to reach their potential. Great arts and sports opportunities as well!

Posted on 1 décembre 2014 19 h 55 min
Mom with happy kids

My experience with St. John's in general but also the Middle School has been very positive. It is a very caring school with very experiemced, dedidated teachers and kids are very much encouraged and helped to reach their potential. Great arts and sports opportunities as well!

Posted on 1 décembre 2014 19 h 57 min
St John's where kids excel and enjoy learning!

I have been a mother at St John's for 12 years and what an amazing experience this has been for my two kids.
The best thing we ever did was to enroll them here. They are caring positive individuals who are thriving in this environment. The teachers are dedicated throughout the whole school (Elementary, Middle and High )and encourage each student to do their best, The kids encourage each other too which creates a great ambiance. If I could go back to school I would want to go here ! There is a family feel and a great community spirit.
Love St John's.

Posted on 20 janvier 2015 21 h 46 min

A community-centred school which gives an excellent environment for the children to learn and grow.
Caring staff and excellent facilities, especially in the arts.
Welcoming and supportive to families.
My children are very happy in the school.

Posted on 20 janvier 2015 21 h 50 min
Leigh Dance

We could not be happier with the brilliant, exceptional education our daughter has gotten at St John's. The open and inclusive culture of the school, and it's inspiring and highly capable teachers has had a major impact on her as a student and a person. Middle school and high school at St John's has been incredibly good for her, and built on her early education in the US and Italy. The school is a very unique place; warm, encouraging, multi-cultural, full of integrity, and where teachers, staff and family provide a warm welcome and a solid appreciation of learning. It is hard work, teachers are very demanding -- but so impressive to see what St John's students accomplish.

Posted on 20 janvier 2015 21 h 52 min
Malia Winston

No school is perfect, but I love St Johns! We have had children at the school for a long time and have experienced elementary school to high school. I would send my kids there again in a flash. The vast majority of the teachers were considerate and helpful. The support services in elementary school and high school were tops. Beyond the academics our children enjoyed a variety of sports and arts and thrived in what they did.
St johns has gone through hard times recently, but is bouncing back and the family atmosphere that drew me there is once again present. I highly recommend this school.

Posted on 20 janvier 2015 22 h 32 min

My children started at the age of three at St John's International School, one has graduated in the meantime and one is still at St John's. I am extremely happy with the school: very dedicated teachers, great students, close community (the Welcome Committee is a great source of support for the new parents!). If you like to be involved in the school as a volunteer parent you have many possibilities to do so. I also feel that there is something for every student at this school; great academics, competitive sports program, highly ranked Visual & Performing Arts, etc etc. I also love Waterloo!! It really has it all; shops, restaurants, sports clubs, nearby woods and the train brings you to Brussels in 20-30 minutes. I like to fact that my kids always have some friends nearby to play with and are close enough to go to school by themselves for after-school activities and weekend games. Many of my friends who moved away still miss St John's!

Posted on 21 janvier 2015 12 h 43 min
Awesome community/school

Our children started in Kindergarten and have worked their way through the elementary school. We have been very pleased as parents with the quality of the education (the PYP program helps children to think outside the box), the variety of programs offered, and the administration. The support of the community has been instrumental in our success here in Belgium. The people you meet become your family and would do anything for you! I would highly recommend this school to anyone moving to the Brussels area!

Posted on 21 janvier 2015 21 h 55 min
Posted on 5 mai 2015 14 h 02 min

Going to St.John's is one of the best things any family can do. I was at St.John's for about 3 years and a half and it really helped me self-grow. The community is so welcoming and kind to everyone. The extra-curriculars and clubs are endless; there's something for everyone to do! The teachers are super nice and you make memories that are impossible to make at any other international school. I absolutely love the school and there'll always be a special place for the school in my heart. Due to my move back home, I had to leave, but I would go back IN A HEARTBEAT! Great experiences there! x The canteen also serves deeeeelicious food!

Posted on 4 janvier 2016 20 h 14 min

St. John's has an amazing community. The teachers are great and the classes are small. The students have a real connection with their teachers. I have teen girls and we have moved several times. It has been their easiest transition as the environment is warm and welcoming. Unlike other schools there is a tight community as most live in waterloo and children can easily get around safely. The only downside is they have a large population of European teachers who grade very hard. This could be a disadvantage for US HS students. The quality of teachers is excellent they just lack a sensitivity to the importance of a GPA and rather focus high IB scores.

Posted on 10 avril 2016 8 h 53 min
Liam Gorman

I attended an event at St Johns recently. I was told there are currently 650 students at the school, down from 720 last year and even more the year before that. It seems many students are leaving St Johns.

Posted on 18 juin 2017 13 h 37 min

We have had our kids in the school for last 3 years and I have to say that it is the school with great community, highly motivated teachers and other individuals to bring the best out of each kid. Music, art, sport facilities are excellent, the school embrace diversity. School is also very serious to implement the newest teaching methods, is fully aligned with its values. We love and miss the school and I highly recommend to live that experience.

Posted on 5 octobre 2017 17 h 48 min

Our child started in St. Johns this year and we are very pleased! The curriculum is well-balanced. There is a dual-language (French/English) program covering Pre K to end of elementary school. The teachers are dedicated and caring. We like that dance, drama, arts and music are integrated into the curriculum. Enough extracurricular activities to choose from and great sports/arts facilities. There is an overall friendly community spirit to the school. I feel that my child enjoys learning and activities each day!

Posted on 12 décembre 2017 12 h 36 min

The school has been sold to a big group. I do not know if this is somehow related to their numbers going down but it seems that they are struggling.

Posted on 18 janvier 2018 14 h 44 min

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