Scandinavian School of Brussels

Scandinavian School of Brussels

Situated in the Domaine d’Argenteuil in Waterloo, the Scandinavian School of Brussels (SSB) has approximately 300 students ranging in age from 3 to 19 from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. SSB has 50 teachers from 13 countries offering lessons in the Nordic languages as well as in English and French. All students follow either their own national programme or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. All students at SSB benefit from a technology enhanced, open and safe learning environment. Boarding is also offered on campus. The school numbers approximately 220 students.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

Scandinavian School of Brussels

Square d’Argenteuil 5
1410 Waterloo

Preschool: €11,500
Primary: €18,000
IB Programme: €23,500
Boarding: €12,000
Bus service: €2,800/year
Canteen: €950/year

The Compulsory and Upper Secondary sections are divided into national programmes – Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian. SSB also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in English for all nationalities.

SSB offers extensive extracurricular activities throughout the year, including individual learning programmes for various instruments, as well as sports such as basketball, football, and yoga.

Drève Richelle 146
1410 Waterloo, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 357 06 70



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did not receive the IB results i expected. very bad IB program. Disappointed in SSB

Posted on 23 novembre 2015 11 h 24 min

Very bad

Posted on 4 décembre 2015 9 h 31 min

In my class last year 7 students out 15 failed.
I would not recommend that school.

Posted on 26 août 2016 17 h 14 min

I went to this school a few years ago and I thought it was fantastic, the teachers were very nice and helpful.

Posted on 27 décembre 2016 17 h 45 min

I've gone to this school for five and a half years, and it's only been good. Great teachers, close to no bullying. every one knows every one. You always get the help you need.

Posted on 3 janvier 2017 16 h 43 min

This school has extremely low academic standards. Do now let your parents waste their money on this boarding school. Besides the poor teaching, dull curriculum and poor classroom management, the food served to boarding students is typically terrible ( never enough protein), so your child will be perpetually hungry.

Posted on 15 avril 2017 16 h 30 min

A friend of mine has visited the campus and it is a stange mix of a Scandinavian School, a non accredited europeanschool and Bogaerts International School?
As the Scandinavian School does offer an ib program, we were still interested to know a bit more about them.
However, as we have been advised to check on their finances; it is clear that according to Price WaterhouseCoopers that the school is really struggling financially.
Be careful.

Posted on 18 avril 2017 9 h 53 min

Singh, could you tell us how you found out about the school's financial issues? Thank you.

Posted on 28 juin 2018 13 h 19 min

I went to this school several years ago. The teachers were very helpful and friendly. The surroundings are beautiful, and the atmosphere is peaceful.

Posted on 4 mai 2019 18 h 55 min

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Teaching Quality ( 43.3 )
Facilities ( 57.2 )
Extracurricular ( 49.7 )
Canteen ( 51.9 )
Parents Association ( 45.4 )