Roots and Wings Primary School

Roots and Wings Primary School

Roots and Wings offers a Preschool and Primary programme that emphasises individualised education in small groups.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

Roots and Wings Primary School

Avenue Edmond Parmentier 19
1150 Woluwe -Saint-Pierre

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The school draws on best practice from a panoply of educational sources including the Reggio Emilia approach, the Finnish educational system and the Waldorf philosophy.

Located in Parc Parmentier in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, teacher are able to integrate the school curriculum with very hands-on day to day activities. The school offers extracurricular activities such as art, music and outdoor activities.

Avenue Edmond Parmentier 19
1150 Woluwe -Saint-Pierre

Telephone: + 32 498 511 456




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The photo here published refers to the Pre-primary section, not the Primary.
My son attends the Primary, 3rd grade, and are super happy about this choice for the quality of the teaching and the amazing developments with our son, thanks to the dedicated attention not only to academic achivements but also to his emotional growth. See at

Posted on 20 avril 2016 10 h 47 min

This school never answered the phone or my email. Their loss I suppose..

Posted on 18 décembre 2017 15 h 39 min

Also never answered my calls or email. Is anyone in charge here?

Posted on 5 février 2020 12 h 58 min

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Teaching Quality ( 60 )
Facilities ( 53.7 )
Extracurricular ( 63.3 )
Canteen ( 50 )
Parents Association ( 66.7 )