Montessori House Belgium

Montessori House Belgium

Montessori House Belgium was founded in 1995 and operates both in English and in French. The School is situated on the border between Waterloo and Braine L’Alleud and has three classes: Nursery (ages 2-4), Primary (ages 4-6) and Elementary (ages 6-9). Classes are kept small and Montessori trained teachers in each class ensure a high academic standard.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

Montessori House Belgium

Rue Pergere,117
1420 Braine L’Alleud

Admission Fee: €500
Nursery: €9,200
Primary: €11,000

Although English is the principal language, French lessons are given on a daily basis. Montessori materials cover developmental activities designed to meet the needs of children in five curriculum areas: practical life skills, sensorial activities, mathematics, language, cultural Studies

Computer skills, cultural studies, music and poetry, arts and crafts and performing arts are all an integral part of the curriculum. Pupils also perform concerts and plays for parents twice a year. Furthermore, the schools organise field trips each term to museums and local events. Children follow weekly music, gym, sports and swimming classes with specialised French-speaking teachers.

Rue Pergere,117
1420 Braine L’Alleud, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 385 1503



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SAB 23

Montessori education brings out the best in a child in a warm and stimulating environment.

Posted on 4 juin 2014 11 h 57 min

A small and friendly school, which offers an excellent and caring education for young children.

Posted on 20 janvier 2015 21 h 41 min

We found the Montessori term misleading. Still a good school but the 6-9 class is not Montessori though :
- Children are not allowed to move freely in the classroom anymore
- The choice of work thematic is chosen by the instructor only
- loss of the 3-6 class autonomy, children passively wait to be tasked
- Discouraged use of Montessori Material (only the instructor decides if the child should use it or not)
- Program based on non-Montessori books mainly
- Assessment based on error and not Self-Correction from the child like in 3-6

The Montessori material and works was well presented during our visit but we discovered the points listed above too late. Only when the school year started.

Posted on 30 juin 2016 7 h 20 min
Faiz Ahmad

Outstanding school. We have stayed in Belgium in order that all 5 of our children could go through this school. The school nurtured each child's individuality and instilled in each a sense of wonderment and curiosity for the world around them.

Our oldest has just graduated from medical school, having also captained the tennis team, directed an Edinburgh Fringe review, taught piano and guitar, started a successful acapella society and a number of rock bands. The second child just completed a Masters in Mathematics with a similarly impressive list of activities. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th aim to be no less impressive. Much of this, I put down to Montessori House Belgium for laying the foundation for their confidence, curiosity, energy, and love for music.

I cannot thank this school enough for what they have done with mine, and my friend's children. It says something when you see children rushing to get to school. It also says something when those children keep coming back to the school long after they have graduated.. I cannot fault it.

Posted on 15 juin 2017 19 h 26 min

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Teaching Quality ( 68.8 )
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Canteen ( 63.8 )
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