Lycee Français Jean Monnet

Lycee Français Jean Monnet

The Lycée Français Jean Monnet is one of a network of 200 French schools worldwide using the official French syllabus and methods. It covers all grades from kindergarten through primary school to the French Baccalauréat. There is an English-speaking section, taught by native speakers, preparing students for the GCSE. The Lycée Français is a modern, purpose-built school providing up-to-date facilities, sports programmes, theatre groups and more. It hosts approximately 2,700 students of more than 50 nationalities.

Lycee Francais Jean Monnet

Avenue du Lycée Français 9
1180 Brussels

Application Fee: €800
Preschool: €6,250
Primary 1-5: €5,700
Secondary 6-9: €6,910
Secondary 10-12: €7,670
Canteen: €8,20/meal
Bus service: €1,110/year

The Lycée prepares students for the French National Brevet and Baccalauréat and offers IGCSE and SAT qualifications. There is also an English-speaking section, taught by native speakers, preparing students for the GCSE.

Athletic, artistic, cultural, and creative activities are offered at the Lycée. These are organised by separate non-profit organisations.

Avenue du Lycée Français 9
1180 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: 02 374 58 78



User comment & rating

Cecile Coiffard

malgré quelques jeux limite violents dans la cour, j'ai vécu dans ce lycée des moments extraordinaires. C'était comme de vivre dans un campus universitaire bien équipé alors qu'on n'était que des gamins. J'ai eu de très bonnes maîtresses en primaire -surtout Madame Lascar- et de bons profs en 6ème... excepté ma prof d'anglais qui m'a ignorée toute l'année.

Posted on 3 septembre 2014 10 h 52 min

LF is great if you know you are likely to change countries and having a child in an AEFE school gives you priority to the rest around the world. The curriculum is what it is, if you're happy with it, then fine for you.

A few disadvantages of LF in Uccle.
1)If you don't live nearby, it can be a long trip in a car or school bus. It also means you won't be living next to classmates. It might mean your children will be limited in what they can do after school for activities, as they might not be back in time!
2) The term dates at LF are different to local school dates and most of the international schools also follow as close as possible local schools dates. It means some holiday weeks at LF, you won't find any stages available or any children's events going on, as everyone else is at school.

Posted on 17 septembre 2015 13 h 56 min
Vero K

The Lycee francais is a safe bet. Although the school has many students, it doesn't have the disadvantages of smaller English speaking primary schools. Their bilingual programme is solid, and if you live in Uccle would highly recommend.

Also an important factor: a lot cheaper than other international schools.

Posted on 3 novembre 2015 9 h 48 min
john licht

Very good balanced information and website. I found it useful.

Thank you.

Posted on 19 avril 2018 10 h 08 min

A very good school esavially for expatriates providing at the same time à French and a global education. Highly recommend

Posted on 23 mai 2018 14 h 07 min

It think this is a good school

Posted on 28 novembre 2018 16 h 53 min

Really a good school! I find the teachers and students there are really friendly and nice! Teaching quality is really high. It's a good one among international schools in Brussels.
(The Chinese learning class there is especially perfect. Highly recommend.)
A few suggestions:
Cuz it's far from the center of Brussels, so if you live far, it's a long way to go there.
LF is an old school, School facilities can be improved

Posted on 27 février 2020 10 h 15 min

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Teaching Quality ( 78 )
Facilities ( 75.3 )
Extracurricular ( 70.3 )
Canteen ( 60.6 )
Parents Association ( 64.4 )