ISF Tervuren International School

ISF Tervuren International School

ISF Tervuren International School is an excellent school for children aged 3 to 11. It offers small class sizes for optimal learning and a wonderful, caring community for expat families. The school offers a British curriculum, tailored to suit the International context and can include children who start with little or no English through the school’s fantastic EAL program.

Uniform: Optional
Garderie: Yes

ISF Tervuren International School

Stationsstraat 3
3080 Vossem-Tervuren

Private Rates
Application Fee: €800
Nursery mornings only: €6,600
Nursery full time: €11,900
Reception: €15,550
Years 1-2: €17,255
Years 3-6: €18,200
Corporate Rates
Application Fee: €800
Nursery mornings only: €9,450
Nursery full time: €17,010
Reception: €22,150
Years 1-2: €24,650
Years 3-6: €26,000

Assisted Places: The school offers an Assisted Places Programme tailored to suit the needs of Private paying families. These discounts are means tested and reviewed annually.

Bus service: Yes
Canteen: Yes

ISF Tervuren International School follows the National Curriculum for England and is accredited by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and the Association of British Schools Overseas. The school is rated ‘Excellent’ by the accredited inspectorate, Penta International.

The school offers a range of sporting, cultural and creative clubs and after-school activities including the popular Saturday Football Club, which is open to all children.

Stationsstraat 3
3080 Vossem-Tervuren
Telephone: +32 2 767 30 98



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St Pauls is a great school and a good alternative to the British school down the road

Posted on 15 juin 2016 14 h 26 min

A lovely little school but shrinking in size as closing foundation building.

Posted on 21 juillet 2016 15 h 09 min

An independent inspection has just rated St Paul's as 'outstanding' - the highest accolade for a British School Overseas. They state that St Paul's is 'an important and integral part of the local community' and you would only have to visit us once to understand why!

Posted on 14 décembre 2016 16 h 20 min
Jen G

An exceptional school that nurtures and challenges kids creatively. The team work incredibly hard to create a stimulating and fun environment to enable the children to thrive as they discover the world around them and develop good relationships. A brilliant welcome for the whole family too!

Posted on 6 janvier 2017 14 h 29 min

Our children all love going to school at St Paul's. We love seeing them so excited about learning and coming to school each day. The teaching staff is absolutely amazing. They have a wealth of experience, but are fresh in their approach, innovating and tailoring the curriculum to meet individual needs. I appreciate the small class sizes which allow for lots of individual attention and the great community has been a wonderful way for us as parents to make new friends as well. We are so thankful we found this gem of a school and that our children have had the privilege of attending it.

Posted on 6 janvier 2017 15 h 20 min

Amazing school - if you want an excellent standard of teaching and childcare together with a family feel, this is the school for you!

Posted on 6 janvier 2017 22 h 36 min

My two children thriving academically and socially in this small, dynamic and super-friendly school, 2-10 years. Lovely mix of British and international families; outstanding, passionate teachers; lots of extra-curricular activities (football, netball, running, gymnastics, dance, Lego, art, taekwondo, music...); extensive and attractive grounds with new play/climbing equipment where families are welcome to linger at the end of the day; fantastic Christmas and summer drama productions; easy parking/access to school; thriving Foundation stage incorporated into main site where parents welcomed into the classroom every morning; native-speaker French teacher; EAL provision for non-native speakers; popular after-school club, very welcoming community for the whole family. Highly recommend!

Posted on 17 janvier 2017 18 h 27 min

St Paul's School is a wonderfully caring environment in which to educate your children. The academic standards are excellent and due to the small class sizes there is a real focus on challenging an individuals strengths as well as building upon their weaknesses. The school continually strives to engender a positive approach to learning and aims to instil a lifelong love of learning in all that pass through its doors. This is an exceptional educational setting that is rightfully proud of its teaching staff and the confident, academically well-rounded, children that are characteristic of this school.

Posted on 17 janvier 2017 20 h 40 min

This is quite simply a brilliant school.
The only "outstanding"rated school in Belgium.
You get the family feeling as soon as you enter the door.
I arranged my visit at only 10 minutes notice and was greeted by smiling staff and children,
They classes ars just buzzing with happy children learning with such great enthusiasm.
Facilities are really well thought through and used very constructive ways to make the best of the available space.
I love being part of this community.

Posted on 18 janvier 2017 20 h 42 min

The school is wonderful. My child loved it from the very first day. He is in reception still, but in several months' time he learned to read and write, and there are so many versatile things he learns every day. We are very happy with our choice, I should admit the school exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend this school to all the parents.

Posted on 19 janvier 2017 14 h 20 min

We’re a family of Italian expats travelling widely and changing schools often. We visited several schools in Brussels, but we’ve been conquered by this lovely school. In fact our 7 yo daughter chose it immediately after our first meeting! After six months we can safely say we did the right choice. I might say the best choice for expats. For children who live far from home the friendly environment and the family feel are comforting and uplifting, making the transition to a new school smooth and easy. This applies to parents as well, having the St Paul the best PTA ever seen! Being free to hang around in the playground after school time, in a few days we met all the other parents of the school. From headmaster to administration, from teachers to parents, everyone has been kind and helpful. It really is a big nice family and we received a truly warm welcome. Look forward to enrol my almost 3 yo daughter for everybody says Foundation Stage is amazing. By the way, great choice for non-native English speakers as they have a fantastic EAL program.

Posted on 24 janvier 2017 0 h 48 min

Nice school. Small class sizes.

Posted on 25 janvier 2017 8 h 35 min

Unfortunately, too far away for us

Posted on 1 février 2018 9 h 04 min

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Teaching Quality ( 90.4 )
Facilities ( 79.9 )
Extracurricular ( 81.2 )
Canteen ( 66.5 )
Parents Association ( 86.8 )