ISF Waterloo

ISF Waterloo

ISF Waterloo is a vibrant, friendly and educationally challenging school for young people aged 2 ½ to 18. ISF Waterloo currently has 155 students from 32 different nationalities. It is very conveniently located just south of Brussels. The school enjoys the use of fine facilities, including a superb multi-purpose sports hall and extensive wooded grounds.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

International School of Flanders Waterloo

Chaussée de Waterloo, 280
1640 Rhode St Genèse

Registration: €750
School Development Fund: €1,000
Personal Tariff:
Pre-School: €10,800
Primary Years 1-3: €15,000
Primary Years 4 to 7: €16,100
Middle Years 1 to 3: €17,500
IGCSE €18,000
A-Levels €18,500
Corporate Tariff:
Pre-School: €15,225
Primary Years 1-3: €21,525
Primary Years 4 to 7: €23,100
Middle Years 1 to 3: €24,150
IGCSE €25,200
A-Levels €26,250
Bus service: €3,300 – €4000/year

ISF Waterloo is a University of Cambridge International Examinations Centre and its Middle Years curriculum prepares pupils for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), while the Upper Year programme offers International Advanced level (A Levels) for 17-18 year old students. Scholarships are available.

Children benefit from specialist subjects such as Music and Physical Education. Library and Information Technology is integrated with the curriculum. A school bus service is possible to most areas of greater Brussels.

Chaussée de Waterloo, 280
1640 Rhode St Genèse, Belgium
Telephone : +32 2 358 56 06



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Nothing like ISB or BSB - 100 students between the age of 3 and 16 so very small, whereas ISB is over 1400 and BSB around 1200, with facilities to match. ISF follows GCSEs age 14-16 years. ISF is also nowhere near BSB and ISB.

Posted on 4 juin 2014 12 h 01 min
Kevan Keegan

ISF is indeed quite different from ISB and BSB - much smaller class sizes permit greater personal attention and closer dialogue with parents. And now that ISF is the first "Google School" in Belgium (with all classrooms equipped with latest interactive white boards, and chromebooks or tablets for all age groups) and every ISF teacher being Google Education qualified by Summer 2015, there is little to justify paying twice the fees for ISB or BSB apart from the amazing extra-curricular facilities those schools offer.

Previous commentator also got his / her facts wrong: per the ISF website they now have 150 students and go to age 18, offering Cambridge International A-Levels as well as IGCSE. And according to Google Maps, And ISF is only 15 minutes' drive from ISB (11km) and 25 minutes (21km) from BSB - so hardly "nowhere near".

Posted on 7 janvier 2015 23 h 43 min
d'Ursel Family

We have our 4 sons (2 in primary, 2 in middle years) at ISF Waterloo for 2 years and are so happy with this school. 
The biggest advantage of being a small structure is certainly a very personalised relation between the families, the teachers and the head of school. An excellent communication that allows you to feel in harmony with the education given to your children. 
The fantastic teachers care about their students and will give their time and involvement to help each of them. The capabilities or interests may vary from one student to another, but the ones going faster will be challenged whilst the slower once will be more assisted in each class. 
I would recommend the school to everyone who cares about the well-being and self confidence of their children in addition to their academic achievements. They feel at home whilst being challenged academically. 
Our children have 4 different personalities but all 4 are doing well and more important feeling very happy in this school. 

Posted on 21 janvier 2015 10 h 47 min
ashish arora

Had two children (9th grade and 6th grade) in ISF when we were in Brussels on a sabbatical stay. The kids loved it. They adapted to the curriculum (comparable in quality to their US school, though different topics). Teachers were good, friendly, and care about the kids and the school. The school also arranged for Spanish instruction for my younger child -- and the teacher who volunteered did an excellent job -- my son did extremely well when he got back)

The children gained in self-confidence and certainly had no trouble academically when they went back to the US.

It is not ISB (a school similar to the one we have in the US) but it worked very well for us.

Posted on 30 juin 2015 12 h 46 min
Catherine Som

My girls love going to ISF. Yes, it is a smaller international school but the environment is superb. There is better teacher student parent interaction due to the small class size. The teachers are able to monitor closely to the progress of the student.

It is a Google certified school, the students have no lack of exposure to the fast moving technologies. The school is also a certified Cambridge test center and they follow the Cambridge system. The principal is nice and very dynamic. Teachers are dedicated to teaching.

Everyday my daughters look forward to going to school to learn. This is something that every parents hope to see in their children. ISF did it!

Posted on 6 janvier 2016 15 h 25 min
Marijane Beese

We are very pleased with ISF Waterloo. It's small size had in no way compromised the quality of education and, in fact, was an advantage as it provided an almost personalised learning experience for our son. Very hands on staff.

Posted on 22 juin 2017 15 h 40 min
Mahum Sohail

I am a student in I.S.F . Yes , I.S.F has has low size classes but that really helps me in my learning . The teachers are very caring and I feel very safe in I.S.F . The teachers keep u there top priority . They have excellent staff and I have no words for the Head of Primary ,Secondary and The Head of School they are amazing people . I.S.F helps their students feel independent and make friends from different backgrounds & beliefs .It is very easy to make friends here . Even though I live very far from the school but they provide excellent bus service its always on time . I have been here for 2 years and I say this is the best school in Belgium I highly recommend this school .

Posted on 10 février 2021 17 h 51 min

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