International School of Brussels

International School of Brussels

The International School of Brussels (ISB) is an English-language international school that provides an international education to over 1500 students aged 3 to 19 from 62 countries. The 40-acre secure campus lies in the Brussels commune of Watermael-Boitsfort, about 9 kilometres southeast of the city centre.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

International School of Brussels

Kattenberg 19
1170 Brussels

Application Fee: €2,000
Preschool: €17,270
Pre-Kindergarten: €19,130
Kindergarten: €28,870
Grades 1-2: €3,090
Grades 3–6 (Middle School): €31,660
Grades 7–9 (Middle School):
Grades 10–12 (High School): €37,280
Bus service: €1,865/year

The International School of Brussels is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Council of International Schools. The school also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Unique among many international schools, ISB also offers a Special Education Diploma.

ISB’s broad athletic programme offers more than 50 individual and team sports over a three-season year. These include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Golf, Lacrosse, Swimming and Soccer. These U12, Junior Varsity and Varsity sports compete in both the International School Sports Tournament (ISST) and DoDDs Leagues. Non-competitive and intramural programs are also offered for younger children. ISB has a wide range of sports facilities. There is an outdoor grass field, and two full-size artificial ones as well as a track for running and field events. Furthermore, there are two indoor tennis courts. In addition to that, there are two large gymnasiums, and an Outdoor Education Centre packed with climbing walls and mountain bikes.

Kattenberg 19
1170 Brussels, Belgium
T: +32 2 661 4211



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I have worked at the International School of Brussels for two years and am beginning my third year here. In those two plus years, I have worked harder than ever before, learned a tremendous amount about teaching - despite ten years of experience, traveled extensively, made a lot of friends, and saved some money.

The school offers an excellent education to its students, yet is continually seeking improvement. The administration has a good vision for where the school is going, though not all teachers buy into it. The combination of the ongoing efforts at improvement and uneven acceptance of those efforts does, at times, create inequity in workload in my opinion. In general, both workload and expectations are high. However, the compensation package is very good for a western European school. Extra-curricular involvement is not expected and reasonable compensation is provided if you choose to do so.

The school facilities and available resources are outstanding, though space is an issue at times. Each of the four divisions is physically separated on a large 40 hectare campus. There are plenty of athletic facilities that teachers can utilize, including a workout room, climbing wall, track, indoor tennis courts, and so on. The school has extensive technological facilities as well with at least one computer in every classroom and lots of computer labs, including specialized ones for graphics, etc.

The campus is located in a commune that is officially part of Brussels, but is actually quite a way from the center and not particularly urban. Many teachers choose to live in this area for the easy commute and relative quiet. However, an equal number live in the communes between the center and the school, where there is a huge concentration of restaurants, bars, and clubs. The commute by public transportation is about 30 minutes from these areas.

Posted on 2 juin 2014 10 h 22 min

In my opinion the hype around ISB is unjustified. It's a really dull environment where students have a lack of independence. The work there is easy and the environment is really not that competitive.

Posted on 21 août 2014 9 h 10 min

I totally disagree with Bernard and I don't know if he has children at ISB. You have to see the whole picture. ISB consists of 4 different schools.
* ECC ( Early Childhood Center)- Pre-K to 2nd grade,
* ES (Elementary School)-3rd grade to 6th grade,
* MS (Middle School)-7th to 9th grade,
* HS (High School)-10th to 12th grade.

Of course ECC students are not been left alone in total independency. Gradually the kids learn and own their independency and I am happy, that professional, very lovely people and teachers take care of the little ones. I have kids in ECC and MS. My middle school child actually has to be very independend and also has to take responsibility of all his actions.

Furthermore, one of the main mechanisms for the school improvement and quality assurance in international education is accreditation. Since 1980, ISB has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Council of International Schools, both organizations working together on a 10-year cycle to provide a rigorous procedure of self and peer assessment against quality standards in all areas of school life.

Also, ISB supports and stimulates students in all levels by seeing and evaluating their strength and weaknesses.

Over the past few years, ISB impoved their language department and seemed to have listened to the parents' wishes and needs.

A lot of Expat families extend their stay in Belgium just to make sure their children can finish their education at ISB. The International school of Brussels has a big Alumni and supporters community.

On top, there is something else than only stimulate the IQ. In todays times it is important to focus on EQ as well which ISB is successfuly doing. Positive social behaviour and Leader- and Management skills (to be) are a big asset.

One other thing to mention is that ISB has a very successful music department and is big and very competitive in Sports and Athletics.

Last but not least, ISB students are well prepared for todays requirements in our digital and future business world. If it is about using computers, coding, video productions or engeniering. Only to name a few of the offered classes to prepare for the future beside the basic education.

Posted on 24 janvier 2015 23 h 36 min


Posted on 4 décembre 2015 9 h 33 min

The campus is nice and the schools have good Principals with some vision. Approach to languages is only ok. You can tell bybthe standards (not so high) that this used to be an American school. The two accreditation bodies are not very exacting. Kids enjoy this well rounded school but graduates don't get into Ivy Leagues and Ox-Cam much

Posted on 4 avril 2016 21 h 05 min

I have been a student at isb for 2 years and those were the best of my high school years! The teachers are very motivated and if a subject isnt going well the school can find a good tutor. The sports are great as well and in my opinion there is a real "isb-spirit".

Posted on 25 juin 2016 10 h 46 min

Great school!!

Posted on 1 novembre 2016 12 h 26 min

My 2 children have been attending ISB for 3 years.
They both love it and would tell you why in so many ways.
This is an outstanding school.

But don't just take my or anyone else's opinion on it.
Check it out for yourself.

Is it the "best" school for everyone? Of course not - no school is.

Posted on 28 mars 2017 11 h 05 min

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Teaching Quality ( 82 )
Facilities ( 94.8 )
Extracurricular ( 92.1 )
Canteen ( 90.6 )
Parents Association ( 89.1 )