International Montessori School Tervuren

International Montessori School Tervuren

Montessori Tervuren offers an international and bilingual (En-Fr) curriculum to children aged 15 months to 18 years, with secondary students following the International Baccalaureate programmes. The students at International Montessori are respected as individuals and their different learning styles are acknowledged. Young children can attend the Toddler Communities and Preschools both on a full time or part time basis. All classes offer a profound experience in both English and French. The school numbers approximately 350 students.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

International Montessori School Tervuren

Rotselaerlaan 1
3080 Tervuren

Preschool: €20,155
Primary (Years 1-2): € 26.205
Primary (Years 3-5): € 28.275
Middle Years Programme (Years 6-10): € 29.960
Diploma Programme (Years 11-12): € 32.000
Bus service: € 4.210

International Montessori adheres to the standards of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and is fully accredited by the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes. The programme as recommended by the IB is the basis of the school curriculum. Primary school graduates are exposed to the combination of the individualised Montessori approach to learning with the IB programme.

All students in Primary and Middle School play an instrument. They can choose between the violin, piano or guitar.

Rotselaerlaan 1
3080 Tervuren, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 767 63 60



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A friend of mine's daughter went to the Montessori in Tervuren until she was nine and learned sweet FA (she had to have extra coaching when she went back to UK to get her up to speed). She also learned NO FRENCH AT ALL, as her group was about 85% anglophone, so they all spoke English. She also managed to escape twice without them noticing and went home! Others may have better experiences.

Posted on 19 septembre 2014 9 h 06 min
Andreas Giulia Emma

The school is a really nice place, it's like a home. We are very happy to be here!

Posted on 26 septembre 2014 11 h 36 min

It is like a little piece of heaven for children to come here each day. My children are mother tongue English speakers and are now fluent French speakers and at a very good level in reading, writing French (doing independent research and studies in both languages). The classes have a low teacher/student ratio and the lessons are given in small groups. It is an International Baccalaureate accredited school at the Secondary level, so the curricular standard for all of the ages is very high.

Posted on 23 avril 2015 13 h 38 min

great school for pre K

Posted on 24 avril 2015 11 h 12 min

I have been with this school for years together and never heard anyone escaping .My children are enjoying the atmosphere, resources and individual attention provided by wonderful teachers, whether it is English or French. I am still a parent associated with this school. So if you have any questions regarding it, I will be very happy to answer you.

Posted on 25 avril 2015 14 h 09 min

I have been associated with the Montessori School in Tervuren for more than 6 years and never heard anyone escaping. My children are now in Primary and are very happy with the resources and attention provided by the wonderful teachers, whether it is English or French. I am still with this amazing school , and can help if anyone has some questions about it. I love the approach of this school to the children.

Posted on 25 avril 2015 14 h 26 min

I visited this school for my children and the comments in this wed site are absolutely true
If you have the chance to go there, you really should go !
It develops autonomy, self esteem, motivation, communication, independence, responsibility and decisions making
I'm really happy about it !

Posted on 1 décembre 2015 19 h 40 min

This is an amazing school that helps children to understand their importance on the future generations. Teachers are totally dedicated to the children from the toddlers community to the middle schoolers and the diploma program !
I advise it !

Posted on 5 décembre 2015 10 h 51 min

The information on the site is out of date. The school is in the second year of offering the international baccalaureate for pupils up until age 18/19. It's a fabulous school with low pupil teacher ratios and with a strong philosophy of developing kids in the round rather than just academically. I would never hesitate to recommend it. It's a small school so does not offer a canteen but children and teachers often cook together which is a great experience for them. It also doesn't need a parents association in the same way as larger schools but there is plenty of opportunity for contact with the administration and teaching staff through an extensive timetable of extracurricular events.

Posted on 29 mai 2016 21 h 17 min

Great school! Have had my children here for the past 8 years (toddler to Secondary) and am amazed every year. Kids doing stuff I didn't learn until high school and university. Wish I could have had this kind of school when I was growing up.

Posted on 30 août 2016 17 h 06 min

I do not recommend the Montessori approach in general for middle and high school. Classes are all over the place and students lack basic skills to move forward. Primary is ok.

Posted on 27 janvier 2017 11 h 15 min

Teacher do not follow any curriculum or standards at all. They do not teach, just "follow the child". Beautiful rooms, materials and gardens.

Posted on 13 février 2017 20 h 22 min

good school but low extrcurricular

Posted on 11 juillet 2018 16 h 45 min

Wonderful school! I myself have been to international schools but this school is the future of education!

Posted on 22 août 2018 16 h 03 min

Awful school with low quality teaching for the Secondary programmes, and teachers that turn a blind eye to students who are struggling with mental health issues, bullying from other classmates, and who critic unconventional ways of thinking.

The facilities are lacking, and there are no extracurricular programmes or college counselling for the kids. All responsibility falls on the parents.

It's a perfect school for young kids in the Children House, and Upper Primary where the teachers are attentive, supportive and involved in the learning process.

However, if you're planning on putting your kid in the secondary programme, go to another school where the quality of teaching is higher, and there is support for the students.

Posted on 16 août 2019 18 h 03 min

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Teaching Quality ( 73.6 )
Facilities ( 80.5 )
Extracurricular ( 75.7 )
Canteen ( 78.2 )
Parents Association ( 75 )