European School of Bruxelles-Argenteuil

EEBA is the first accredited European School in Belgium, which is open to all pupils. From pre-school onwards, pupils learn to become fluent and literate in at least two other official European languages.  EEBA is a nurturing international campus offering the IB and the European Baccalaureate. The focus is made on personalized learning. They offer and a wide range of extra-curricular activities with an easy access to natural environment.

European School of Bruxelles-Argenteuil

EEBA is located in the beautiful 20 acres campus of the Château d’Argenteuil, on the edge of the Forêt de Soignes, only 15 kilometers from the center of Brussels. The address is 5 square d’Argenteuil 1410 Waterloo. At the heart of the parkland estate lie the classroom buildings, the sports center, the eco-project and the 19th-century Renaissance-style château, housing the boarding facilities, the school dining room, the music rooms, and a concert hall. EEBA offers a bus service to students living in and around Brussels and Waterloo. This service is provided by a private bus company who ensure our students get to school safely and on time. Our bus routes are adjusted every year depending on students’ home addresses.

The annual school fees are for Nursery 13.500 € (reduced price of 11.500 € for self-funded families), for the primary 16.500 € (reduced price of 13.500 €), for the secondary 19.500 € (reduced price of 16.500 €). The inscription fees are 500 €. Hot lunch served each day, as well as planned cultural visits, are included in the tuition. Some of the school supplies, sports uniforms, optional bus system, extra-curricular activities as well as special needs are not included in the tuition.

The school follows the official curriculum of the European Schools with class teachers focusing on the language of the section (L1=English, French, Italian or Swedish) as well as Mathematics and the Discovery of the World (science, history, geography, and technology). Specialized language teachers are responsible for the acquisition of each pupil’s second and third language. Second language instruction is introduced from the start (L2=English, French or Italian), and third language classes are introduced at the start of secondary school  (L3=Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Swedish).  SWALS students are entitled to L1 instruction by arrangement. Physical education, music, and art are also professionally taught by subject specialist teachers from an early age.

EEBA offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities on campus after school. They offer sports, music, drama, dance and different artistic workshops. Through the extra-curricular activities, They wish to invite pupils to discover, enjoy and master activities that they may not have imagined trying before.

Mette Österberg : Admissions Officer
Admissions, bus system and extra-curricular activities
Contact:     +32 02 357 06 70
Charlotta Nordström : Principal
Pedagogy and school life. Contact:   +32 04 88 90 18 45

Felix de Merode
President of the Board
General information
Contact:      +32 04 88 24 23 05


User comment & rating


This school does not offer the IB and should not claim as such.

Posted on 8 avril 2019 14 h 06 min
philippine d'ursel

I really like working here and I like the pedagogy, the teachers are highly qualified and there is a good atmosphere. The facilities are modern and the canteen is quite good. There are a lot of extra curricular activities including sports in the beautiful campus.

Posted on 18 avril 2019 13 h 54 min
Andras Baneth

My kids have been in this school for a year and we love every aspect of it. The campus is amazing, the teachers are excellent, the teaching methods are very similar to 'pedagogie active': child-centered, while the creativity/freedom/discipline triangle is also well balanced. The tuition fee is competitive and it offers great education. Food is healthy and great quality. Much recommended.

Posted on 5 juin 2019 11 h 14 min
Marion Pasquier

A very nice and serious school, located in a beautiful place. Teaching is very good, reaching the European curriculum and kids are happy.

Posted on 5 juin 2019 11 h 22 min

The school looks nice but seriously needs to be refreshed.
Very few students on campus which could be good as it means few kids per class.
However, there seems to be a lot of problems going on financially on campus !

Posted on 6 juin 2019 15 h 23 min

I pulled out my kids after a few months from this school. Very low academic standard, no disciplines, absents teachers, lack of communication. Their second language teaching was a real problem. A teacher can’t handle 10 kids in the class and let kids watch videos during classes.

Posted on 22 août 2019 15 h 45 min

The EEBA is a school that offers the European Curriculum (high academic level and a multicultural approach) in a fantastic location surrounded by nature, 20 min from Brussels since 2016.
Every child has the possibility to become multilingual, as the school offers excellent teachers that teach in their own language in small classes, a real treat. The school days allow the children to be attentive and pro-active and with several different nationalities.
The school has also a series of extracurricular activities such as tennis, music, rugby.
The school offers ultimately the European Baccalaureate. Highly recommend it for parents in search of a safe school that offers a European and multi-lingual environement.

Posted on 15 novembre 2019 20 h 19 min

To be fair, I've enrolled my child at EEBA because they claim to be accredited and I could afford (to a certain degree) the tuition costs. However, after almost 1 yrs, I can say that I'm not satisfied with the quality of the faculty staff, especially from the secondary. Lack of structure and interest in teaching, no dedication nor will to challenge the students nor to improve the learning process by making it attractive, interactive and interesting for the students. Not all the secondary teachers appear to be properly trained and up to the teaching tasks, some even are getting offended if students raise legitimate questions about the topics in the course materials. My child came from a highly demanding school, where students were constantly challenged to be better every day, teachers were always available to answer questions, to be involved in discussions and arguments, helping students shape their arguments and critical approach to study. At EEAB things are far from challenging and definitely not making it interesting for the students. Moreover, the tutoring and teachers interest in covering the school curriculum are almost nonexistent. I have the feeling that all they care about is making sure that the students come to school for them to have a job and a paycheck every month.
Furthermore, despite the management's claim for EEBA being fully accredited by the Belgian Ministry for Education, it came to light recently that in fact the claim was not entirely accurate nor true. The secondary school is not fully accredited; up to S5 and the final 2 years (S6&7) leading to the European Baccalaureate Diploma, are not. Now, like many other parents of my child's classmates, we're faced with the dilemma of finding another international school that is accredited and that we could afford tuition and costswise, that would allow our child to continue studies and obtain the international or European baccalaureate diploma. I feel so bad for having to put my child through all of this stress and worrying, and I feel bad for all the other parents faced with the same crisis situation, in no way of their doing or fault. I also feel bad for the time and effort my child has put in to adapt and learn , as well as for the amount of money spent for no apparent positive experience and outcome.

Posted on 11 juin 2020 20 h 30 min

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