European School of Brussels II

European School of Brussels II

The European School of Brussels II is one of the 14 European Schools and one of the 4 located in Brussels. It is situated on Avenue Oscar Jespers, Brussels, Belgium. The school numbers approximately 3,000 students.

Uniform: No

European School of Brussels II

Avenue Oscar Jespers, 75
1200 Brussels

Category I: 
Pupils who have to be admitted by the European Schools. These pupils are exempt from school fees.

Category II:
Pupils covered by individual agreements or decisions, each entailing specific rights and obligations for the pupils concerned, particularly as regards school fees. Contribution applicable: €9,480.17

Category III: 
Pupils who do not belong to categories I & II. These pupils will be admitted to the European Schools in so far as places are available. Fees are as follows:
Nursery: €3,656.95
Primary: €5,028.36
Secondary: €6,856.85

All European Schools are official educational establishments controlled jointly by the governments of the Member States of the European Union. In all these countries they are legally regarded as public institutions. The mission of the European Schools is to provide a multilingual and multicultural education for nursery, primary and secondary level pupils. The European School system consists of 2 years of early education (Nursery cycle), 5 years of primary and 7 years of secondary education. The curriculum is common to all four schools in Brussels and is centrally controlled by the Board of Inspectors and the Board of Governors. Secondary education is validated by the European Baccalaureate examinations at the end of year 7. The certificate awarded is fully recognised in all the countries of the European Union, as well as in a number of others.

To encourage a sense of community within the European School system, regular events are held including the biennial Eurosport event, a Model European Parliament, and the annual European Schools Science Symposium. The European Schools in Brussels also provide a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Avenue Oscar Jespers, 75
1200 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 774 22 24



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I placed my son here in primary school last year. Unfortunately the teacher was inexperienced and unable to focus on my son's special needs, and I am now forced to look for a private school.

Posted on 1 septembre 2014 11 h 25 min

Je ne pensais pas que cela existait une école à Bruxelles qui par exemple, recherche pour son équipe, un professeur suédois pouvant enseigner les mathématiques! C'est tout de même très ciblé, éspérons qu'ils trouvent.. En tout cas, c'est un bel exemple de donner autant d'importance dans le dévelopement des langues étrangères, de la maternelle à l'athénée. L'Association des parents d'élèves de cette école à l'air très active, ce qui est un bon point dans la dynamique d'une école je trouve. L'école est entourée de verdure, c'est plutôt un espace agréable dans l'ensemble.

Posted on 27 août 2015 7 h 45 min

I want to know if this has extra curricular like ICT cos my son like computer games n computer programs. Please advise

Posted on 17 septembre 2016 7 h 29 min
Le Andries de Woluwe

There are quite good teachers and then there are really bad ones. Lazy untalented f*cks meet good qualified charismatic educationers. The canteen food mostly sucks, although it has the tendency to improves over the years. The parents association always decide on stupid sh*t or are just used as a scapegoat whenever the school administration decides on something which the students won't like. A lot of freedom is taken from the students, who are, even when they are adults, not allowed to leave the school when they wish to do so. There's a lot of room for improvement. Facilities are alright and their are after school activities if one wishes to use them, and not parent one's child themselve.

Posted on 13 octobre 2016 17 h 25 min
Posted on 17 octobre 2017 21 h 15 min

I attended this school my whole life. (Kindergarten to high school) and can't understand some these negative reviews.

It is an academically challenging school, but thanks to this I had a very well round baccalaureate and spook four languages fluently.

Any parent looking for their child to develop their language and intercultural skills, should consider this school.

Posted on 1 mars 2018 15 h 35 min

This is a language school which primarily focuses on multi-lingual teaching and European education. The kids are very open minded and culturally well rounded. They're not 'spoiled' although sometimes difficult to handle due to their independent thinking. Most of us came out well.

Posted on 18 juin 2018 22 h 24 min

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Teaching Quality ( 53.4 )
Facilities ( 63.1 )
Extracurricular ( 47.3 )
Canteen ( 54.9 )
Parents Association ( 55.9 )