Agnes School

Agnes School

Agnes School is a pre-primary and primary school delivering bilingual teaching by immersion in either French/English or French/Dutch. The objective is to provide a tailored all round education in a Christian environment. The school ensure a continuity between the education at home and that in school. The initiative for this project originates from a group of catholic parents inspired by the message of Saint Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei. The school numbers approximately 200 students.

Uniform: Yes

Ecole Acacia

Rue Louis Hap, 143
1040 Brussels

The ACACIA and ALPHA schools benefit from a partenrship with the FOMENTO® teaching network, which counts some 150 schools across the 5 continents. ACACIA is accredited by the Cambridge Primary Programme.

Private Registration (Charged to parents directly)
Nursery: €6,621
French/Dutch Pre-Primary & Primary €5,802
French/English Pre-Primary & Primary €7,995
Professional Registration (Charged directly to the company)
Nursery: €8,121
French/Dutch Pre-Primary & Primary €7,302
French/English Pre-Primary & Primary €9,495

After-school activities include Musical Theory, Classical Dance, Circus School, and Flute lessons.

Rue Louis Hap, 143
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 736 13 86



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The children are very nice and are excellent students. The administration overall is not recommended. The teachers recruited are, for the most part, very competent and a plus for the school. The package is adequate.

Posted on 2 juin 2014 10 h 29 min

c'est une école qui ressort du mouvement catho "opus dei", il faut donc idéalement adhérer de façon plus ou moins proche à cette idéologie.

Posted on 24 août 2015 21 h 51 min

Ecole Acacia is ok as a school, I'd never recommend it long term, or for fluency in French, there is an awful lot of children with neither French nor English there and I don't feel that is great for teaching in 2 languages which the majority of children do not speak or understand, but for a year it's definitely worth considering between either moving to a really good private school or a public school.

Posted on 16 février 2016 16 h 49 min
Simon Howard

The teaching in this school has dramatically improved since about 2015. They now really strive for excellence. The atmosphere is very informal and the parent - teacher links very strongly nurtured.
Facilities are quite basic but ok for a primary school. This is no ISB and it shows in the reasonable fees.

Posted on 17 mai 2017 20 h 47 min

Excellent primary school teachers and great sincere leadership. Our experience has been very positive and nurturing. Children are happy and academically doing well in both languages offered. A friendly international community of parents and children.

Posted on 8 novembre 2018 21 h 51 min

I do recommend this place if you are interested in good quality edication and a friendly atmosphere. I only have experience with the Dutch sections: classes are small and most of the children thrive in this environment. Every child gets a personal attention and teaching/methodology is adjusted if needed. If you are a no-nonsense person and want to avoid the posh attitude or useless perks of other schools with international students -this is the place to be. If you are not into religion, they let you be and nobody is trying to impose anything. Overall - excellent quality for a very reasonable price.

Posted on 16 novembre 2018 10 h 55 min

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Teaching Quality ( 84.2 )
Facilities ( 56.5 )
Extracurricular ( 60 )
Canteen ( 71.5 )
Parents Association ( 76.2 )