British School of Brussels

British School of Brussels

The British School of Brussels (BSB), an English-language day school providing a British education to 1,350 international students from ages three to 18 and occupies a site of about 15 acres surrounded by woodland near the Royal Museum of Central Africa in the town of Tervuren, east of Brussels. Forty-one percent of students are British with 70 other nationalities represented.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

British School of Brussels

Leuvensesteenweg 19
3080 Tervuren

Application Fee: €1,000  for the first child in the family
€500  for each subsequent child in the family
Kindergarten: €15,000
Reception, Years 1, 2: €26,600
Years 3, 4, 5, 6: €28,000
Years 7, 8, 9: €33,200
Years 10, 11, 12, 13: €34,050

The School offers a British-based curriculum, adapted to a European context and international cohort. Students at BSB have the option to take the (I)GCSE, GCSE, GCE A-level and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Career-related certificate. BSB also provides bilingual French/English programmes to children aged four to nine and offers significantly enhanced provision in French across the curriculum in secondary school. Students receive expert careers advice and leave well-equipped for worldwide university admission.

Facilities at BSB include eight science labs, numerous ICT suites, 240-seat theatre, drama studio, state-of-the-art technology workshops, art studios, three libraries, two gymnasia, two multi-purpose halls and extensive all-weather sports fields.

Leuvensesteenweg 19
3080 Tervuren, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 766 04 30



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We have children at the school and are very pleased.

Posted on 4 juin 2014 11 h 43 min
Kim Strowel

My 3 children were educated at BSB - a fabulous school - one has left and in University and the other 2 are still here doing very well. The choice of pre university courses (A Level, IB DIploma and BTEC) is unique to the school and the choice of extra-curricular activities are enormous. The Friends of BSB or FoBSB, the parent association works very hard to make families welcome and helps them to settle in. A very welcoming and inclusive school that I would highly recommend. With their new swimming pool being open in 2016 it really the best international school in Belgium.

Posted on 3 juillet 2014 12 h 43 min

My two children attended BSB for 9 years. As a Dutch/British family, we felt that BSB was the best of the international schools in regard to the breadth of the curriculum and the diversity of the nationalities. My children chose to study A levels and both received top grades leading to studying at excellent universities in the UK. Both of my children enjoyed the huge range of sports and extra-curricular activities (especially the hockey and drama). I would recommend BSB to prospective parents.

Posted on 4 juillet 2014 7 h 57 min

All three of my sons all attended BSB and loved every minute they were there, as a family we really enjoyed the community atmosphere. The boys embraced the diverse extra-curricular programme but especially enjoyed Rugby and tennis. We were delighted with the academic results the children achieved but also how BSB helped them grow into charming young men! School days are said to be the happiest of your live – this is certainly true of my boys experience at BSB. A really fabulous school!

Posted on 4 juillet 2014 14 h 44 min
John Houtman

My eldest has been at the school for a year and is a different boy now. He has gone from being nervous and hating school to social, confident and loving it. Can't wait for my second to go to the school too. An outstanding school that really cares!

Posted on 6 juillet 2015 15 h 58 min

A very good school in terms of academic programs and a great teaching team. The surrounding is nice. However the fees are extremely high and increasing of 3.5% every year with little justification for it, making it one of the most expensive international school in Brussels. The management is extremely autocratic and constructive critics are rarely welcome. It is also a school that likes to emphasize on its international attitude, but struggles to open itself to anything in Belgium and tends to be more British than international despite their bilingual program.

Posted on 12 mars 2016 10 h 52 min
Adekemi Padonou(Fakorede)

Very good school. I schooled there. a long, long time ago. In the 80's to be precise. Miss my friends though! A well rounded curriculum.

Posted on 21 juillet 2016 12 h 00 min
Alam M

The "bilingual" programme is not bilingual at all and not very welcoming to native French speaking students. Unpleasant admissions staff.

Posted on 26 janvier 2017 13 h 59 min

This is a great school and far better than ISB. However some points are seriously worrying:
- Autocracy Principal and vice lead the school with no intention of hearing students voices. This is covered by the fact that bsb does have presidents and representatives. However the power of the 'higher' staff is terrible.
- One viewpoint. Britain, Britain and.. Britain. Bsb has to start offering more points of view from different countries. eg. history from ww1 is all about Britain and France while Belgium played a really important part in it. Is this forgotton in the nationalistic british mind?
Leave these remarks on the side and everythig is perfect. Teachers are great, homework is given in good proportions, and cafeteria food is great! (Even though it is on the pricey side!).
Finally the students at bsb are far better behaved than at other school,
Isb is fine, but if you want your kid to become a drug addict and live in slums send them to the european school! (Yes, it really is that terrible!)

Posted on 1 avril 2019 16 h 31 min

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Teaching Quality ( 82.6 )
Facilities ( 84.4 )
Extracurricular ( 80.6 )
Canteen ( 76.4 )
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