British International School of Brussels

British International School of Brussels

The British International School of Brussels (BISB) is a small primary school located in Schaerbeek, Brussels. It was established in 2000 and expanded into separate infant and junior departments in April 2008. Facilities include interactive, extensive libraries, computer suites, music rooms, French rooms, English support rooms and all-weather playgrounds. Staff is made up of qualified teachers all experienced in the British Curriculum and classes are kept small, producing a warm, friendly atmosphere. The school has more than 120 children representing over 30 nationalities. Approximately half have English as their mother tongue and there is an intensive programme of English-language support. Admission is possible at any time of the school year.

Uniform: Yes
Garderie: Yes

British International School of Brussels

Avenue Emile Max, 163
1030 Brussels

Nursery: €15,750
Reception: €16,750
Year 1 & Year 2: €18,720
Year 3, 4, 5 & 6: €19,995
Bus service: €4,100/year. Door-to-door service.

The education provided by BISB is based on the National Curriculum for England and Wales. As well as working on the requirements of the UK National curriculum and the Numeracy and Literacy strategies, pupils receive four French lessons per week from the Reception class upwards.

The school offers a range of after-school clubs held immediately after school, usually until 16.30. Clubs currently offered include Cookery, Recorders, Civilisation, Drama, Art & Crafts, Book Making and Sports for both infants and juniors. Karate lessons, ballet lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons are also available to children. All children have a specialist Music lesson twice a week and seven week blocks of swimming lessons during the year. Key Stage 2 children also benefit from seven week blocks of Tennis lessons.

Avenue Emile Max, 163
1030 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: 02 736 89 81



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The good thing I would see in BISB is the more familiar atmosphere maybe and perhaps we could find a house in the same neighbourhood. I guess it will also depend on who has a place. In our case the school fees are payed so that's alright. BSB seems to be an excellent school.

Posted on 3 décembre 2014 14 h 37 min

BISB is a good school albeit rather expensive without a company package. Would recommend

Posted on 2 novembre 2015 13 h 45 min

Our experience was with with the International School of Geneva, Switzerland. We moved to Brussels and loved Montessori in the early years for our son, but wanted a more classical education next. We tried European school and did nto like it at all. Looked around and the only affordable school was BISB. But the quality of teaching and educating was way beyond our expectations. We are thrilled that the school has a holistic approach and the child is followed throughout the day without failing with feedback to the child on his behaviour, etc. Academically children are pushed as far as they are able to go. There cannot be a better school for young children, our problem is - what's next...

Posted on 29 avril 2017 7 h 45 min

I will never understand how a school can charge €20.000 / year (and extra fee for transport, extra fee for extracurricular activities, extra fee for garderie, extra fee for school uniform etc ) when local schools in Belgium are FREE !

OK the tuition here is in English,but why would anyone consider this option if they don't have a company paying for it ? Local schools mean your kid actually learns French or dutch, your children will be way more involved in the local community, and will also save you plenty of money to spend on a few English classes here and there if you so wish.


Posted on 18 septembre 2019 15 h 44 min

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Teaching Quality ( 70.5 )
Facilities ( 61.5 )
Extracurricular ( 66.5 )
Canteen ( 62.5 )
Parents Association ( 75.5 )