Bogaerts International School

Bogaerts International School

Bogaerts International School is a vibrant, internationally-minded, family-oriented K-12 school located in the Domaine Latour de Freins (Uccle).

The school is located at the doorstep of Brussels, but the campus itself is a quiet and secluded wooded area. This gives us access to some of the most enriching culture in Europe while maintaining a pleasant and safe learning environment for your child. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a high-quality education to a diverse community of students, representing both local Belgian families and families from the world over.

Bogaerts International School

555 Rue Engeland
1180 Brussels


Application Fee: €1,000
Years 1–5: €13,200
Years 6-10: €17,200
Years 11-12: €19,600
Canteen: €950/year

Stemming from Bogaerts Education, founded in 1970 by Rodolphe Bogaerts, B.I.S. is the only IB continuum school in Brussels, offering three IB programmes of education: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). Our learning community represents over 45 nations, in the halls of our campus through our curriculum and events .

A wide range of sporting, music, creative and performing arts and other extracurricular activities are available on campus, utilising the extensive facilities and grounds. Close cooperation with local sports clubs makes it possible for Bogaerts International School to offer supervised coaching in many activities. The School also offers a wide selection of cultural activities and events for students, aiming to develop -musical and artistic talent together with creativity and teamwork.

555 Rue Engeland
1180 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 3526 556



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gordon mackenzie

I have 2 sons at Bogaerts. The teachers are superb and the administrators are determined to ensure quality at every level !

Posted on 20 avril 2014 19 h 32 min

We have our 2 daughters at BIS, one in primary and one in secondary. Our daughters are truly happy with the overall system – Great facilities (Classrooms, science labs, lockers, gym, outdoor courts, playground, cafeterias, parking, and many other amenities), Great location, Great faculty, Great curriculum, Great extra-curricular activities and Great language support….

The school’s international bilingual approach is rather unique as both English and French are hands-on and well balanced in every aspect of the student life on campus. From classes, to presentations, to homework and outside-of-the-classroom interactions, our daughters (and all students there, from pre-school, to primary, secondary and IB grade) are using full and correct English and French. While our daughters are from Texas and English is their first language, they had no problem in adapting to the school’s bilingual system of truly reading, speaking and writing in French and English…

We are delighted with the school and highly recommend it to international families…

Posted on 2 mai 2014 8 h 33 min

I really wanted to go to this high school but i didn't got accepted. I have been in this country for less than 2 years and think I wasn't accepted because i am not really good at math.

Posted on 29 août 2014 9 h 45 min
blanc victoria

love this school I learned English thanks to this school

Posted on 4 décembre 2015 9 h 32 min
Léon van der Elst

This school Is great, the students are very nice and the campus is wonderfull!
Ps: the canteen is great but there are always potatoes!

Posted on 4 décembre 2015 9 h 39 min
Gabrielle Strauch-Hausser

BIS is a great school! The teachers are really nice and care about the students. Students care about each other. Thanks to this school I have less problems understanding what we have to do.

Posted on 4 décembre 2015 9 h 53 min

This school is an excellent reminder that you can find a community and a "home away from home". My children have felt at ease from day one, teachers are excellent, caring and always available to reach any of my demands.
I cannot wait to start this new year in their new facilities!

Posted on 21 août 2017 11 h 45 min

Great school and great staff.
Thank you BIS

Posted on 4 janvier 2018 20 h 04 min
Sophia Budford

I've enrolled my child at Bogaerts, and i shall indicate that this is an excellent school, the campus is gorgeous, we are so happy to see our child growing up in such environment. He'd made lots of friends, most of which are locals, hence he won't suffer the painful goodbyes... We came from the UK, Cambridge curriculum to the IB, and my son is very keen to learn, as they do a lot of research, and active learning. The food is also a plus!

Posted on 8 mai 2018 8 h 58 min
Divya Shah

A school with top-notch infrastructure and a warm and welcoming learning environment. The school has a diverse community with Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff and Alumni from over 50 different nationalities around the world. The focus is not only on academics but also a wholesome development of students with a wide range of extracurricular activities and sports. A happy child means a happy parent and my daughter is very happy and excited to be a part of this school. As a parent, I couldn't ask for more.

Posted on 20 mai 2019 12 h 47 min

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Teaching Quality ( 89.1 )
Facilities ( 87.6 )
Extracurricular ( 81.6 )
Canteen ( 86.9 )
Parents Association ( 83.5 )