BEPS International School

BEPS International School

BEPS International School is a small primary school established in 1972 and situated in buildings close to the Bois de la Cambre and the University (ULB). Use of the International Primary Curriculum in the classes encourages students to develop the ability to learn and the skills required to become lifelong learners. Alongside this, BEPS runs literacy and numeracy programmes. French is taught as a second language from pre-school 4 times a week.

Uniform: No
Garderie: Yes

BEPS International School

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 23
1050 Brussels

Deposit: €800
Registration Fee: €600
School Development Fund: €600
Preschool: €15,290
Primary Classes 1 to 3: €21,230
Primary Classes 4 to 8: €23,370

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC), an internationally recognised programme that challenges children to reach their individual potential by offering, “Great Learning, Great Teaching, Great Fun”, is offered at BEPS. In addition, the School ensures that each child develops a broad and balanced range of concepts and skills. French is taught to all students that can access the curriculum in English whilst English as an Additional Language (EAL) is offered to those for whom English is a new language.

The children also benefit from music, P.E. and ICT lessons, which are taught by experienced specialist teachers.

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 23
1050 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 648 4311



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Tim A

BEPS is okay, but due to the small size of the camps there is a limit to the amount of activities students can do. My son’s experience at BEPS was amazing but I feel he could have achieved so much more.

Posted on 17 août 2014 8 h 43 min

best english primary school in brussels

Posted on 23 août 2015 16 h 57 min

Wow! So impressed with the new renovated BEPS!

Posted on 10 novembre 2015 21 h 16 min
S Pastor

Wonderful little primary school in beautiful grounds and recently renovated buildings. Close proximity to The Bois de la Cambre and friendly families!

Posted on 7 novembre 2016 18 h 11 min

Sorry for my bad English but i'm french !

BEPS is a very good English school ! positive and nice atmosphere.
My son been in beps for 3 years now (pre-primary and now in class 2) and he is very happy every day to go to school. i'm very happy with the teaching quality. They have all kinds of methods, groups and programmes to help children catch up without stressing them. Small group classes, clean and well maintained school.
I just wish fees was lower and stronger french lessons !

Teachers are very nice, and children are very happy.

Posted on 21 février 2017 16 h 33 min

BEPS school looks good but it falls far short of an international school standard. Most teachers are not native english speakers. school playground is very small and sometimes it leads to fighting among kids. Fees is high and if your child is from Asia then they will definitely insist you to have english classes which cost extra and does not add much value.

Posted on 16 juin 2017 19 h 24 min
BEPS fan

BEPS school now has a secondary section which is great news.

Posted on 14 octobre 2019 15 h 34 min

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Teaching Quality ( 79.4 )
Facilities ( 48.4 )
Extracurricular ( 56.3 )
Canteen ( 51.1 )
Parents Association ( 60.6 )