ACE of Brussels

ACE of Brussels, Academy of Collaborative Education of Brussels, is a School located on the border of Audergem and Woluwe Saint Pierre. They takes children from 3 to 15 years, growing to 18. Their curriculum is projects based and follows the National UK Curriculum. They place affordable education as one of their core value and adapte the fees to the revenue of the parents. (There is a garderie as well.)

ACE of Brussels

Drève du Prieuré 19

The Primary school curriculum is topic based. The teaching is supported by class trips and expert visitors. The Secondary school curriculum prepares students for their exam choices and courses. The project based learning underpins the study of the core subjects.

As extracurricular activities there are a rock school and some other clubs; from the Japanese, to the sing song clubs (more about this here:

Tel: +32 (0)2 420 02 04


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