Ecole Internationale Montgomery

Ecole Internationale Montgomery

Ecole Internationale Montgomery is a bilingual secondary school situated next to the Montgomery roundabout in Brussels. Catering to both primary and secondary students, the school offers the International Baccalaureate programme in French and prepares students to the Communauté Française examinations. The school was founded in 2007 and is located in a townhouse dating from the early 20th century.

Uniform: Yes
Garderie: No

Ecole Internationale Montgomery

Rue du Duc 133
1200 Brussels

Private Registration
Application Fee: €1,800
Yearly Admission Fee: €1,500
Years 1-6: €15,000
Years 7-8: €17,000
Years 9-10: €18,000
Years 11-12: €20,000
Professionnal Registration
Application Fee: €2,700
Yearly Admission Fee: €2,250
Years 1-6 €22,500
Years 7-8: €25,500
Years 9-10: €27,000
Years 11-12: €30,000

Bus service: No
Canteen: No

Both Primary and Secondary students follow a bilingual English/French curriculum, with 40% of subjects taught in English. In Years 11 and 12, students prepare for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in French.

Students play hockey and tennis at the Club du Royal Orée.

Rue du Duc 133
1200 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 733 63 23



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User comment & rating

Tuuli Sauren

We are extremely satisfied with the Ecole International Montgomery. The school is offering very individualised approach and is helping the students in one to one when need it. The extra study hours after the school are offering the help and support for students to accomplish they homework, as well as the direction is personally devoted to offer extra help during the exams period. There is no other French IB school in Brussels or in Belgium offering the same curriculum or the same commitment. I can highly recommend Ecole International Montgomery.

Posted on 19 novembre 2015 10 h 04 min
Jos Tontlinger

A demanding and tailor made teaching.

Posted on 19 novembre 2015 10 h 12 min

J’espère vraiment que cette école disparaisse, et que le directeur perde tout l’argent qu’il a volé aux élèves, et l’argent qu’il n’as pas payé à ses professeurs surchargés, responsables des pires classes de fouteurs de merde (qui ne se font jamais punir). Je déconseille vivement a tout le monde, d’ignorer cette école, rien de bien ne s’y passe, et je vous garantis qu’ils vont tout faire pour vous ralentir, parceque si vous reussisez tout de suite, c’est moin de €€€ pour le dictateur en charge de l’établissement.

Posted on 15 décembre 2015 8 h 43 min

Ecole Internationale Montgomery opens opportunities for its students. It is now offering a bilingual IB diploma. With this diploma (and depending on individual student performance, of course), students are qualified for Universities around the world. It is a great choice for students who are considering studying in the UK or USA but want to keep open the options of studying in Belgium or France. With a bilingual education, they are able to develop academic-level language skills in both French and English!

Posted on 11 février 2016 10 h 41 min

Mes enfants sont dans cette école depuis deux ans. L'EIM offre un bel enseignement bilingue avec des professeurs natifs. Il y a 50% des cours donnés en anglais et 50% en français. Je pense que c'est unique en Belgique. De plus avec le IB bilingue ils ne doivent pas passer le TOEFL et le SAT si ils désirent étudier à l'étranger. Pour info ils ouvrent les primaires bilingue dès septembre 2016...cette école grandit vite

Posted on 15 juin 2016 20 h 55 min

We are very satisfied with Ecole Internationale Montgomery
Very serious school from many angles point of view ( The program, The teachers, The Track of student's performance ..) ,
The school is led by a motivated entrepreneur who loves what he does and who knows where he wants to go with the school ...

We (as parents) think we did a good choice with our son who is 17 years old

Posted on 22 juin 2016 9 h 12 min

Really satisfied by the Montgomery International School. The school is offering an interesting approach for its students: a unique mix of mental, physic and social investments ! Moreover, this is the only school in Brussels to offer a complete curriculum in French and/or English. Finally, the situation of this school close to all facilities is a clear point of interest.

Posted on 24 juin 2016 9 h 29 min

This comment has been removed at the school's request

Posted on 25 juin 2016 11 h 08 min

Depuis que nos enfants sont dans cette école ils sont très épanouis. La sections primaire est vraiment géniale, les institutrices sont très dévouées! Merci pour tout ce qui est fait pour nos enfants!

Posted on 6 mai 2017 17 h 40 min

Nous avons inscrit notre enfant dans cette école il y a 2 ans et nous sommes contents de notre choix: petites classes, professeurs compétents, tous les enfants sont respectueux, ce qui devient rare de nos jours

L'année prochaine il commencera le programme du Baccalauréat International en Français anglais..programme chargé mais une clé nécessaire pour accéder aux grandes universités!

Je remercie les professeurs et le Directeur, M Gerone, pour le suivi des enfants!

Posted on 11 mai 2017 16 h 31 min
Kiran Kagalkar

We are really satisfied by the Montgomery International School & its' syllabus. My two children have been in this school from last 6 months & they are happy about the learning. The EIM offers a beautiful bilingual education with good teachers who are very cooperative. The Principal & the Director are directly approachable for any issues & response is very fast. I wish the school management & teachers all the best.

Posted on 23 février 2018 15 h 24 min

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