My name is Dawn and I am new to being an international schooling parent. I have put together a simple school ranking system whereby you, as a current or prospective parent can share your thoughts, comments, advice, and pros & cons of each school to the community.

Upon arriving in Brussels I expected some sort of standard, a league table or two, or a website which might make my choice easier, simpler and faster. However I couldn’t one so after spending many hours searching the internet and meeting new school administrators I decided to spare you that pain.

If you currently attend one of the international schools then please leave your comments and scores, and I only ask you to be honest and fair to other parents who are using your views as a benchmark for their personal and future choices.

If you are new to Brussels, this website will:
  • help you understand the framework of the 20+ international schools in Brussels and gain a view on their key differences;
  • give you the opportunity to view the perceived view of the Teaching Quality, Facilities, Extracurricular, Canteen and Parents Association of each school;
  • give you high school rankings and information that will help you select the best school for your family;
  • show you how international schools across Brussels compare in terms of curriculum, location and tuition fees;
  • help you understand what schools can do to help your child and how to apply.

Please feel free to click on the schools below to discover the details of the international schools in Brussels, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on

Enjoy and good luck!


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